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It’s Hot Here

One of the finalists in this week’s New Yorker cartoon caption contest is close to the bone:

“I know how you feel. This used to be Florida.”
Michael Migliaccio, Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y.

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Pros and Cons of Mandatory COVID Vaccination Rules

America’s Finest News Source investigates and offers this list:


  • Fake vaccination cards very lucrative business opportunity
  • Good way to keep HR department busy for a few months
  • Would saves millions of innocent profits
  • Always fun to piss off Eric Clapton
  • Surely there’s at least some benefit in taking rudimentary public health measures


  • Cruise ships more exciting when there a public health threat on board
  • Could cripple America’s burgeoning ventilator industry
  • Just came up with new argument about how this is related to Holocaust
  • Waste of perfectly good needles intended for intravenous opiate use
  • Violates deeply held American values of recklessly endangering others

I suppose we could add some items, but it’s a start.

Needle photo © and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License Creative Commons License .

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Gotta Love It

Those federal judges on the Southern District of Texas have a sense of humor — and a couple of them can really belt it out:

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My Son is a Hero?

Apparently, according to the German government, as revealed in this video, at least one of my sons is a hero:

(Hat tip: Crooks & Liars.)

Maybe we need to create the Order of the Sofa?

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It’s Onion Time!

At times like these, we need America’s Finest News SourceTM:

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Food for the … Soul?

I really doubt that anyone outside Miami-Dade will find this nearly as funny as I do, but I couldn’t resist posting Jamónton, the musical saga of Alejandro Jamónton – the founding father who brought the Cuban sandwich to America.

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