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I Can Call Spirits from the Vasty Deep

Apparently this is making the rounds in France:

*Un avis de l’Association des psychiatres: *

* Chers citoyens: *

* Pendant la période QUARANTAINE, il est considéré comme normal de parler à vos murs, plantes et pots. Veuillez nous contacter uniquement s’ils répondent.

Which translates more or less to:

* Notice from the National Psychiatric Association: *

* Dear citizens: *

* During this period of QUARANTINE, it is considered normal to talk to your walls, plants and pots. Please contact us only if they reply.

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Who Knew?

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Wait for It…

Times may be tough, but at least we have The Onion’s biting headlines:

…and my current favorite…

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Overheard at Work

Heard from my office – no idea who the speakers were.

Voice1: “This printer must be Jamaican.”

Voice2: “What?”

Voice1: “It’s always jammin!”

Certainly offers a whole new world of meanings to rasterizing

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New Foreign Interference in US Presidential Election

While all eyes are focused on Russian interference in US elections (or, in the case of reality deniers, on imagined Ukrainian interference), a force planning to intervene in our domestic affairs is marshaling on our southern border.

I refer, of course, to former Mexican President Vicente Fox.

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In an undemanding sort of way

Kay & Peele, If Hogwarts were an inner-city school

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