He’s Wrinkled, Rested, and Ready

I’m surprisingly OK with the idea of President Biden running for re-election. Although not the second coming of FDR that his most fervent partisans predicted, Biden has been far more successful than I would have predicted. The giant climate and jobs bill, the rallying of NATO to help Ukraine (plus its expansion to heretofore neutral northern nations), the judges (on the whole), plus a lot of smart regulatory moves, all together it’s a remarkably good track record.  I do worry about the upcoming debt limit fight, but that’s on Biden only to the extent that his team chose not to try to defuse the bomb during the lame duck session.

Anyway, despite all that, I thought this SNL bit was really funny:

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One Response to He’s Wrinkled, Rested, and Ready

  1. C.E. Petit says:

    At least they’re not behind the desk of an LA police station facing down Ahnold — who definitely promised to be back.

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