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Wait for It…

Times may be tough, but at least we have The Onion’s biting headlines:

…and my current favorite…

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Overheard at Work

Heard from my office – no idea who the speakers were.

Voice1: “This printer must be Jamaican.”

Voice2: “What?”

Voice1: “It’s always jammin!”

Certainly offers a whole new world of meanings to rasterizing

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New Foreign Interference in US Presidential Election

While all eyes are focused on Russian interference in US elections (or, in the case of reality deniers, on imagined Ukrainian interference), a force planning to intervene in our domestic affairs is marshaling on our southern border.

I refer, of course, to former Mexican President Vicente Fox.

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In an undemanding sort of way

Kay & Peele, If Hogwarts were an inner-city school

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OK Clay Tablet User

A random Assyrian clay tablet

According to Smithsonian Magazine, an Assyrian clay tablet from 2800 B.C. bears a gloomy inscription describing how the Assyrian youth were ruining civilization.

“Our Earth is degenerate in these later days; there are signs that the world is speedily coming to an end; bribery and corruption are common; children no longer obey their parents,” the tablet supposedly reads.

The inscription is reminiscent of another that, according to Newsweek, was unearthed in the Sumerian city of Ur (located in modern-day Iraq and founded in 3800 B.C.), which says, “If the unheard-of actions of today’s youth are allowed to continue, then we are doomed.”

Source: “OK Boomer” Is Just the First Salvo of a Larger Generational Showdown (note: currently Slashdotted)

This is much too good to check for truth — it trumps my go-to example of Cotton Mather bemoaning the decline in virtue of the new generation, one full of Antinomians and Unitarians, by 4500 years or so.

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It Adds Up

Video collects life’s minor annoyances in one and a half minutes:

I think I’ve had all but five in the last year alone.

Missing, however, is dealing with banks. Or maybe that’s a major annoyance?

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