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  6. My decisions are final. I’m happy to discuss them by email.
  7. I’ll amend this policy as I gain experience.
  8. In the long run, it remains to be seen if comments is a workable commons or not. I will not have my work be used as billboard for your ads (at least, not without a cut, and this is a resolutely non-commercial activity). I’m prepared to turn off comments if vigilance proves too time-consuming.

Version 1.3 April 29, 2009.

4 Responses to Comment Policy

  1. Dear Professor Froomkin:

    I appreciate the opportunity you afforded me to realize you are very active in Coral Gables politics.

    I realize that, due to interstate Trustee, and personal, fraudulent manipulations by my mother, I carry large negatives.

    Nothing will change my belief that your brother, Dan Froomkin, is truly one of the greatest patriots the United States had during his time writing for the Washington Post. There is no question in my mind he deserves a Pulitzer Prize, and that this country, whether it realizes it or not, owes your AMERICAN PATRIOT brother, Dan Froomkin, a truly huge debt.

    Dan Froomkin is my hero, and always will be.

    It is my hope that you, as an obviously very intelligent law professor, can at least intellectually comprehend my explanation of my past calamities. It is my further hope you will be willing to interrogate me, asking me any and all questions, to determine, for yourself, whether you find my explanations credible.

    I do plan to run again for City Commissioner, for reasons I will discuss in the future.


    Jackson Rip Holmes

  2. Larissa Zagorsky-Beaudoin says:

    Can Knesset defense/security members in Israel’s government be prosecuted for criminal “treason” for betraying the State of Israel’s sovereignty by giving illegal concessions to Hamas listed as a “terrorist organization” by the U.S. Department of State since 1997? For example, it appears that “Cogat” (an IDF unit) gave its approval for Hamas to transport “produce” in Judea/Samaria so they can infiltrate and destroy Israel from within, which they have publicly said they would do in the news media

    Can such defense/security members also be prosecuted for illegally releasing Hamas terrorists as “peace” negotiations (who have turned around and murdered more Israeli citizens)? Can such members also be prosecuted for collaborating with the PLO/Hamas organizations by giving them “concessions” knowing they are “terrorists” that have shot deadly missiles into Israel’s civilian populations?

  3. zt says:

    Could you please make your November 2016 ballot recommendations? Did not see them online.

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