The Grand Finale (Probably)

At about 9am, a big truck pulls up outside my house.

The other truck is AWOL, but the guys on this team decide to go it alone. Four guys wouldn’t fit on my staircase anyway, one of them says.

A bit after 9:30 the other team arrives. Apparently they had to go back en route to pick up an extra mattress, and didn’t get the call from the first team not to bother showing up.

So everyone pitches in and is busy screwing things in.

One piece goes in backwards at first, but they quickly get it right.

And by 10am….I have a treadmill:

I haven’t gotten a new bill yet, though, so perhaps this isn’t quite the last chapter….

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6 Responses to The Grand Finale (Probably)

  1. CZHA says:

    Remarkable. Some of my Facebook friends and I have been on Treadmill Watch, hoping for a good resolution. I hope that this is it.

  2. Kaleberg says:


  3. Paul Contreras says:

    Omedeto gozaimasu. Congratulations. I think….

    That is huge. Looks like it needs a few amps and then some to juice that Cadillac version treadmill.

    Now the real test. (You might wanna stand back or be near the front porch). Turn on the clothes dryer, the a/c, the microwave, the tv/dvd/media center console, the hair dryer and any other major electrical appliances you use daily and hope the fuses don’t blow !

    Also hope your second floor supports the extra weight too.

    Now we can take a jog up to the Yale Bowl or Science Hill at the 35th. Get cracking (grin).

    Happy exercising and Good luck Michael.


  4. Matt says:

    I’m hoping that now it’s only a matter of time until you start posting amusing youtube videos of you, your family members, neighbors, or the pets of any of these people flying off the back of the treadmill in ways that will make us all laugh. The internet has taught me that this is what such devices are for, after all.

  5. Cynthia says:

    Wow. I stumbled onto the story of this fiasco because, like you, I have a heart problem and cannot, by myself, lift a 200 lb treadmill down my basement steps and assemble it, so I searched online for a treadmill seller/deliverer/assembler. I had planned on using Sears (you were right–one of the only retailers who offer this full service) but now I’m afaid, very afraid. But I’m so glad you finally got your treadmill, and I hope after all that, it is still actually working.

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