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The Consumerist linked to and summarized my treadmill saga with a typically pungent headline, Sears Annoys The Crap Out Of Customer For Weeks, Still Doesn’t Deliver Treadmill.

[Next Installment: Final Sears Treadmill Delivery Disaster Post]

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  1. Hap Phipps says:

    Thank you for your blog entries about buying a treadmill from Sears! You have saved me from making a big mistake. I was going to Sears today to buy a treadmill. No chance I would do that after reading your experiences with the process of purchase and non-delivery.

    Too bad that someone seems to have forced (?) the removal of the website. It appears to be gone, but your chronicle of horrors on the Sears Customer (non) Service front is sufficient warning for me. I want a treadmill to help me recover from chemo; I don’t need early morning robo calls on a daily basis, or a machine that never arrives unless I can start a blog like yours that gets national attention and sends a wake up call to Sears Corporate offices. Crazy-making!

    I think I will instead go to a small local business of good reputation where I will pay more, but at least they will answer their phone and do not make robo calls.

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