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Happy Halloween

Although personally, I’ll be a lot happier if the midterms go well.

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Panel Discussion on the DeSantis-Orban Connection

Not about food

Illustration by Tyler Comrie, from New Yorker story Does Hungary Offer a Glimpse of Our Authoritarian Future?. Not affiliated with Floersheimer Center.

The Floersheimer Center for Constitutional Democracy invites you to:

Why Florida Copied its “Don’t Say Gay” Bill from Hungary & What It Means for Democracy in the United States

November 1, 2022, 5-6:30pm

On the eve of mid-term elections in which polls find large majorities of Americans worried about the future of U.S. democracy, scholars and journalists are tracking growing interest here in the successful path of autocratic leaders abroad.  Do once-democratic countries like Hungary offer American populists a meaningful roadmap for reforming the structures of U.S. democratic governance and constitutional law? Join Senior Vox Correspondent Zack Beauchamp, Princeton Professor Kim Lane Scheppele, Ukrainian Visiting Professor Dmytro Vovk, and University Professor Michel Rosenfeld for a discussion of the growing challenges facing the project of U.S. constitutional democracy. Professor Deborah Pearlstein moderates.

Registration required for both remote and in-person (at Cardozo Law School in NYC) attendance.

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Celebrating Jotwell’s 13th Birthday

Jotwell Logo

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Today is Jotwell’s 13th birthday. (Yes, it’s hard to believe, but check the Archives.) We’ll be celebrating this event for the next fortnight by running two posts a day. The second post will run weekdays in the mid-afternoon, around 3pm U.S. East Coast time.

We’ll also be celebrating by having a quiet fund-raiser. Visitors to the site will see a red banner at the bottom of the page about the double-posting, and inviting reader donations. Alas, people who get Jotwell via the RSS feed or by email will be denied that experience, although they will get any extra posts in the sections they signed up for. But there is no reason for the hundreds of people who read us via the RSS feed–or by email–to be left out.

So here’s the pitch: However you read Jotwell, please will you make a small donation to support this journal? All the faculty who write for and edit Jotwell do so for free, but even so, producing the journal is not costless: we need to pay for our server, for our student editors, and for various types of technical and design support, including keeping up with a procession of software updates. This adds up.

We don’t charge for Jotwell and we don’t run any ads, and we would like to keep it that way. If every Jotwell reader donated just $10 a year, we’d cover all of our costs…but alas not everyone is generous.

If you can afford it, please don’t be a free rider. If you like us lots–or even just some–please make a small donation? Of course, if you want to make a large one we would not say no to that either.

In any case, we thank you for reading, and look forward to another year in which we celebrate the best recent scholarship relevant to the law.

Yours sincerely,

A. Michael Froomkin
Jotwell Editor-in-Chief

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Looked Like a Hippie Storm Trooper

I spent almost an hour this morning looking up at Sasha, my dentist’s new dental hygienist.

I’m not sure this picture does justice to how much it felt like I was looking up at some kind of hippie storm trooper, between the shield (“never realized before how much I get splattered; will never work without one again”), the mask, the dentist’s loupes (“makes it so much easier to see everything…they say it impacts your vision long-term, but I won’t be doing this for ever”), and the colorful hat.

In what may not be a sign of how much anti-mask sentiment is sweeping the nation, Sasha made me take off my mask before she would clean my teeth.

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Where to Find my Voter’s Guides for the November 2022 Miami-Dade, Florida Election

ballot dropboxYou probably don’t need me to tell you to vote against Gov. Evil℠ and against lazy Sen. Marco Rubio.  Abortion is on the ballot. Civil liberties are on the ballot.

But maybe I can help with the judicial retention elections, the Florida Constitutional Amendments, and the Miami-Dade Charter amendments.  So please see:

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Why “Sender Pays” Is a Terrible Rule for Internet Traffic

Reading national treasure Harold Feld‘s occasional “tales of the sausage factory” at (I think it is a play on ‘wetware’?) makes you smarter.

I learned stuff from S. Korea “Sender Pays” Is a Warning, Not a Model, or Why (Almost) Everyone Keeps Telling the EU This Is a VERY Bad Idea. If you haven’t been paying close attention to the telco side of traffic provision, you’ll learn stuff too.

“Sender pays” for Internet traffic always seemed a bad idea, or rather a way to gouge even more from customers; the idea is occasionally resurrected,  this time as a way to stop spammers.

Feld explains why it’s a bad idea. Now if someone could explain why latency seems to be going up around here even without ‘sender pays’ …

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