Looked Like a Hippie Storm Trooper

I spent almost an hour this morning looking up at Sasha, my dentist’s new dental hygienist.

I’m not sure this picture does justice to how much it felt like I was looking up at some kind of hippie storm trooper, between the shield (“never realized before how much I get splattered; will never work without one again”), the mask, the dentist’s loupes (“makes it so much easier to see everything…they say it impacts your vision long-term, but I won’t be doing this for ever”), and the colorful hat.

In what may not be a sign of how much anti-mask sentiment is sweeping the nation, Sasha made me take off my mask before she would clean my teeth.

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  1. C.E. Petit says:

    I sincerely hope her aim was better than a Stormtrooper’s. Any psychoactive substantes ingested by hippie Stormtroopers would have no measurable effect on their aim…

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