Why “Sender Pays” Is a Terrible Rule for Internet Traffic

Reading national treasure Harold Feld‘s occasional “tales of the sausage factory” at Wetmachine.com (I think it is a play on ‘wetware’?) makes you smarter.

I learned stuff from S. Korea “Sender Pays” Is a Warning, Not a Model, or Why (Almost) Everyone Keeps Telling the EU This Is a VERY Bad Idea. If you haven’t been paying close attention to the telco side of traffic provision, you’ll learn stuff too.

“Sender pays” for Internet traffic always seemed a bad idea, or rather a way to gouge even more from customers; the idea is occasionally resurrected,  this time as a way to stop spammers.

Feld explains why it’s a bad idea. Now if someone could explain why latency seems to be going up around here even without ‘sender pays’ …

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