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I Like This Ad

Valerie Plame is running for Congress. She has a great ad.

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One of the Great Things About MiamiLaw

Over at Prawfsblog, Jeff Lipshaw has a nice item on one of our local treasures: Peter Lederer.

Peter is a great force for change in legal education, based on the changes he sees coming in the provision of legal services.  I am sure he finds the glacial pace of academic evolution frustrating, but he keeps at us, which surely is greatly to our benefit.

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Note to Self: Enable DNS over HTTPS on Firefox

How to enable DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) in Firefox. Hope it plays nice with VPN…

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We Robot 2019 Will Have a Livestream

If you can’t make it to Coral Gables, you can still follow the We Robot main conference, April 12-13, via our Livestream. (Apologies, but we are not streaming the Workshops.) And follow on Tiwtter with hashtag #WeRobot.

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Line of the Day

The line of the day, at least, is surely Robert Waldman’s snark describing the Trump administration’s “petty graft [running] from emoluments to emollients“, i.e. from the Trump Hotel to this.

OK, off to look for a lunar eclipse.

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Sometimes Fiction is Just as Strange as Fact

This, via Crooks & Liars, On 1958 TV Show, Confidence Man ‘Trump’ Promises To Build A Wall To Save The World is one heck of a coincidence:

Here’s an edited version of the whole show with the best bits…

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