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New Glory?

Reports are that the most powerful man in the coming Senate — swing voter Sen. Joe Manchin — says he is open to the idea of statehood for Puerto Rico and DC.

That seems an excellent response to the current political situation.

But it will require a new flag.

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Election Stress Post

Is the election stress getting to you? I hear from a lot of people that they’re really feeling it today.

Myself, I feel just fine, as you can see from this recent photo:

(Photo via Make Me a Zombie)

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Show This to Your Cuban-American Friends

I wish every Cuban-American and Venezuelan-American in South Florida could see this video, “Trump is English for Castro“:

From the Lincoln Project of course. There’s an English-language version for the gringos.

While you are at it, read Waging Nonviolence‘s 10 things you need to know to stop a coup.

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Black Eyed Peas Produce Uplifting Biden Video

The Black Eyed Peas and Jennifer Hudson give Joe Biden the full Obama video treatment in this video entitled “The Love“:

Looks like maybe the closing pitch of the Biden campaign will be its own restorative version of hope, although it’s notable that the slogan in both this and the other day’s “Go From There” video is “Love”.

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I don’t know what to say about this one, “Covita” from the Lincoln Project, but Trump and his gang are going to hate it.

There are some scattered reports from various news sources that the rats have figured out it’s a sinking ship, but as we know, anything can happen, and seems to with depressing regularity.

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Perhaps the Only Even Slightly Good Thing to Come Out of the “Presidential” Debate

Weird Al, who is notorious for taking months to fine-tune a new composition, did one in fewer than 48 hours.

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