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More Covers

I’ve admitted before that I like covers that make a song new again.  Here’s a nice bunch curated by Dennis Hartley.

Update: they took down the direct link for some reason, but you can still find it in the Hullabaloo archive – just search it for “An Elpee’s Worth of Covers”.

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Iggy Pop Tonight

Iggy PopGoing to see the Iggy Pop concert tonight.

I’m old enough to remember when “Iggy” for music meant Pop and not Azalea. In fact I’m old enough to remember when it seemed like New York Times style, which required that everyone be Mr. or Mrs. or Miss, might require a review of Iggy Pop to speak of “Mr. Pop”. (The story is that the ban on removing honorifics broke when it came time to review an album or concert by Meat Loaf.  Meanwhile the rule that honorifics must be removed for convicted felons got changed just in time to save the paper from lèse-majesté with Spiro Agnew.)

Anyway, now that Bowie is gone, Iggy Pop may be the last of his kind. So if he’s going to come here as part of his “Post Punk Depression” tour, I’m going to go there, even if it is the last week of a very busy semester. See you in row “U”.

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Can I Go Home Now?

I learned a new term this morning: glitch aesthetics. (Odd images!)

Spotted via boingboing.


(Only 1081 back items in my RSS feed! Another week and I’ll have caught up from We Robot.)

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Yes, I Lead a Sheltered Life

This Babymetal video is the strangest thing I’ve seen online this year (excluding Republican debates):

JPop crossed with death metal, plus a dollop of religious cultural appropriation. Spotted via Cory Doctorow, Babymetal, live on Colbert! in which he describes Babymetal as “Japan’s greatest synthetic all-woman heavy metal band.” I am prepared to believe it.

There’s also an official version of the video that is odd in different ways.

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The Future is Now

I’m at a meaty NSF/DHS conference on the regulatory challenges of ‘autonomous’ machines. (The scare quotes reflect the consensus that this is a contested term.)

The seriousness of the event has not stopped participants from noting that it’s Roy Batty’s birthday today (Blade Runner, in case you don’t get the reference).

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Miami Pop Music 2015

The Miami New Times 15 Best Miami Songs of 2015 were all new to me. Alas, I can only recommend #6, LunchMoney Lewis, “Bills”.

Part of my disconnect with the rest of the New Times list could be down to my failings: I don’t have much patience for techno, and my tastes in rap are somewhat classic. People more into contemporary rap may find several things to like on the New Times list. I wanted to like #10. Poorgrrrl, “Super Rude (co-prod. by ILLA, feat. Jenee),” just for the energy, and especially thought I ought to like #13. Virgo, “ISS” which is sort of similar to things I actually do like … but I didn’t.

One smothered cheer for #15 on the list, Basside, “QLCL (Birthday Sex and Cheap Champagne)”. It’s crude, rude, and shot like a high school project, but the New Times review of it as “the most Miami thing we’ve ever seen” is less far off the mark than one might wish.

At this rate I may have to revise my estimation of Pitbull.

(More LunchMoney Lewis: Mama & WhipIt; WhipIt is the most hit-like but also the blandest.)

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