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Most Unusual Campaign Ad of 2018 (So Far)

The year is young, but Katie Hill has set the bar, er, high, for unusual and arresting campaign ads.

Ms. Hill is running for Congress in California’s 25th district. All I know about her besides what is on her issues page is that she’s promised to reject all corporate PAC contributions and that she can scale mountains.

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Another Terrific Ad for a Congressional Candidate

Hot on the heels of @IronStache’s great introductory video comes this inspirational one from Amy McGrath, running in KY-6.

While the video is terrific, I’m holding on to my wallet until some more issues turn up on the Amy McGrath campaign homepage.  We know she’s pro-healthcare, which is great, but I’d want to know about global warming, immigration, the $15 minimum wage, consumer protection, the environment, Guantanamo, Dodd-Frank, to name only a few.  You may need to be a “New Democrat” (cough) to win in Kentucky, but you don’t have to do it with my dollar…

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Iron Man to Challenge Paul Ryan

Randy Brice

Paul Ryan is more unpopular nationally than Donald Trump: a recent Pew Research study found only 29% of Americans approve of Ryan’s performance. Yet what matters most to a Congressman is how he is viewed in his district. I haven’t been able to find a recent local poll; historically Ryan has been more popular at home than nationally, but the weakness of the national number has led some to ask Is Paul Ryan actually vulnerable in 2018?.

Enter Randy Brice, the Democratic challenger, with a first-rate declaration of candidacy video:

Good stuff.

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