Vote ‘Em Out

Willie Nelson premiered his new song at a Beta O’Rourke rally:

Good stuff, but what we really need is someone like Lana del Ray to do an anti-Kavanaugh song. (And while this is quite something, it doesn’t count.)

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2 Responses to Vote ‘Em Out

  1. anon says:

    Protest songs are great. Although they won’t rally me to support Gillum any longer since I read he wants to outlaw my free speech rights to support BDS even when Israel is detaining a Floridian student as part of it’s academic/intellectual boycott of people it disagrees with. Though I agree with him on many issues, that is where I draw the line. Sad he had to come out to support taking away Floridian’s free speech rights. In AZ a court just ruled a private attorney was allowed to participate in the boycott so I just don’t get why he would want to make illegal free speech and had to even take a position on this.

    • I’d be really curious to know where you got this astonishing bit of misinformation. (Perhaps from the DeSantis campaign?) The Miami Herald reports what I understand to be the truth about Gillum’s BDS views:

      Gillum, who spoke on the issues Sunday during a visit to Miami Beach, says that he’s been against the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) movement during the entirety of his gubernatorial run, despite what he calls inaccurate reports of a shifting stance. A campaign spokesman for the Tallahassee mayor also explained that Gillum’s association with organizations that back the BDS movement or oppose anti-boycott legislation shouldn’t be construed as support for those positions.

      “I do not support BDS,” Gillum said in a statement that expounded on his belief that peace in the Middle East hinges on Israel’s recognition of a Palestinian nation through legitimate negotiations. “A two-state solution is the only solution that truly pushes us towards peace. I’ll always support the right to free speech and peaceful protest, but I also believe that any tactics that seek to counter a two-state solution makes our path to peace harder.”

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