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Two Local Congressmen Among Die-Hard Trump/Insurrectionist Enablers

Let it never be forgotten that Carlos Gimenez and Mario Diaz-Balart voted to sustain the objection to accepting and counting Arizona’s electoral votes — well after the mob invited and incited by Trump smashed their way into and looted the Capitol.

By this vote Gimenez and Diaz-Balart signaled their support of Trump, or the mob, or both. In so doing they forever sullied their records as legislators, as patriots, and as decent human beings. In the case off Gimenez, he achieved this distinction in his first week on the job, a very dubious achievement.  Diaz-Ballart has been in Congress on and off since 2002. Time for off again.

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Signs and Portents

No, I’m not referring to birds falling out of the sky, nor to the hellish coloration of California last week.

I’m thinking of Trump’s amazing descent into full-throated fascism and even eugenics. If you follow just one link in this post, follow that one. There is no low so low we cannot go lower.

I’m thinking of this ad — which is apparently not a parody other than perhaps a self-parody — for Sen. Kelly Loeffler, in which her spokesperson brags that  Loeffler is “more conservative than Attila the Hun”; the ad then cuts to Loeffler’s idea of Attila ordering a minion to “attack big government” — and concludes with his order to “eliminate the liberal scribes”.

In this context, Sen. Lindsey Graham’s spineless about-face on Supreme Court nominations seems almost banal.

Update: and now I can’t tell if this fake focus group introduced by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is a real fake, or a fake fake where everyone is an actor. I really hope they are actors.

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A Very Illuminating Chart

I knew there was a big difference, but not this big:

It’s even more striking when you consider that historically the FBI and other federal law enforcement bodies were strongly Republican. And in my lifetime, the GOP has made much more noise about ‘law and order’ too.

And of course we can reasonably expect the Trump number to balloon…

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Random Fact

Maryland has no statute of limitations for attempted rape, according to a web page at RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network):

I mention this à propos de rien.

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Sick Joke

In Michigan gas is now cheaper than water. But only one of them is unleaded.

It’s making the rounds.

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Tell Us What You Really Think

Former chief of staff to Sen. John McCain unloads on Ted Cruz:

Although I find Sen. Ted Cruz’s “lonely man of principle” act as tired as it is phony, I should give the devil his due. Cruz has given Americans exasperated with Washington gridlock hope that Congress can, when sufficiently motivated, find consensus and act.

In this instance, the consensus is that Ted Cruz is a jackass.

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