Signs and Portents

No, I’m not referring to birds falling out of the sky, nor to the hellish coloration of California last week.

I’m thinking of Trump’s amazing descent into full-throated fascism and even eugenics. If you follow just one link in this post, follow that one. There is no low so low we cannot go lower.

I’m thinking of this ad — which is apparently not a parody other than perhaps a self-parody — for Sen. Kelly Loeffler, in which her spokesperson brags that  Loeffler is “more conservative than Attila the Hun”; the ad then cuts to Loeffler’s idea of Attila ordering a minion to “attack big government” — and concludes with his order to “eliminate the liberal scribes”.

In this context, Sen. Lindsey Graham’s spineless about-face on Supreme Court nominations seems almost banal.

Update: and now I can’t tell if this fake focus group introduced by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is a real fake, or a fake fake where everyone is an actor. I really hope they are actors.

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2 Responses to Signs and Portents

  1. anon says:

    I don’t think his descent into full fledged fascism is anything new. Since last fall he has been talking up civil war and for even longer using all the fascist tools. Unfortunately there is no real resistance that is also willing to play the same game. It often seems like the Bloomberg moderate democrats would rather have a trump second term than a sanders type presidency because the system works well for them. So, you have a rising fascist, a moderate/right neoliberal opposition and probably Trump will win again because this is an election of emotion, where you must bring out the base – and like 4 years ago, I think divisions w/in the democrats will harm the left. And now, Trump looks presidential w/ all the US Supreme Court talk, so the conversation has changed. Who knows? We are only a few weeks away – but trying to take a detached view, and as someone who despises Trump, looks like people may vote back in the fascist.

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