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I Saw This Ad Just Before the Heat Game Started

This ad by VoteVets about Rick Scott is a lot better than anything I’ve seen by the Nelson for Senate campaign:

Of course, Scott has more money, and has been flooding the airwaves with warm and fuzzy stuff.

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Three Tech-Related Stories Today

Three things that caught my eye this morning:

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Sing It

What does it mean when you have lost not only Taylor Swift but also Barbra Streisand:

One thing it means is a spike in voter registration.

(Not that I ever ever imagined I’d link to a Barbra Streisand video…)

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New Times Unearths DeSantis’s Book

And it’s terrible.

Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis’ 2011 tome, Dreams From Our Founding Fathers, is terrible. It’s a book-long screed from the then-Tea Party candidate, in which DeSantis screams at President Barack Obama for 286 pages, implies he is a closet Marxist, and at one point writes that Obama has “Muslim roots.” The book sucks because it is an absolute slog. New Times combed through huge portions of DeSantis’ repetitive, banal, witless, and crushingly pedestrian prose, and the project reads like a book report from a dying Confederate soldier trying to get a community college poli-sci degree.

But, more important, the book sucks because parts of it are pretty offensive to black people, Muslims, and women. DeSantis’ book includes justifications excusing the legalization of slavery in the U.S. Constitution, as well as repeated complaints about policies designed to protect women from rape and domestic violence.

New Times sources the discovery to American Bridges, an advocacy group, but I couldn’t find the report on their site.

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Vote ‘Em Out

Willie Nelson premiered his new song at a Beta O’Rourke rally:

Good stuff, but what we really need is someone like Lana del Ray to do an anti-Kavanaugh song. (And while this is quite something, it doesn’t count.)

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If Trump Fires Rosenstein, Who’s Mueller’s New Boss?

Marty Lederman has a detailed answer in his (revised) post, Who Might Replace Rod Rosenstein and What Would it Mean for the Mueller and SDNY Investigations?: A Deep Dive.  Worth a read.

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