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Seems Its Not Too Early For The Opening Shots Of The 2022 Election

Rubio Supports Trump by

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Is There a Powerful COVID Infection Rate Predictor?

Interesting Twitter thread about the following question: If you plot the US state-by-state  COVID infection rates since Sept 1, 2020–i.e. the recent and now receding surge–which is a better predictor: The percent of the population infected before Sept 1, or … Continue reading

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The Missing Link

Watching the 1/6 invasion of the Capitol on TV in real time, it was easy to think that most of the people were a strange sort of riot tourists. Yes, a vanguard looked tooled up, but the mass we saw … Continue reading

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Headline of the Day?

GOP: No ‘Unity’ So Long As Democrats Insist On Existing! Kind of sums it up, really. (Article, alas, doesn’t say much you probably don’t already know.)

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More Like This Please

A member of the ‘Sedition Caucus’ gets the ad he deserves:

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