2016 Summary Ballot Guide

We have a very long ballot this year. Get your personalized sample ballot here. Plan ahead so as not to hold up the line. I’ve included links below to my reasons for these suggestions.

Federal Races
11 Hillary Rodham Clinton for President (Be sure to vote in the ultimate swing state!)
17 Patrick Murphy for Senate (Hold your nose and vote for the Supreme Court)
34 Scott Furhman for Congress, District 27(great on the issues; Clinton will need every vote in the House she can get)
State Legislature
38 Jose Javier Rodriguez for State Senate, Dist. 37
60 Daisy Baez, State Rep. Dist 114 Great candidate
County Race
72 Clerk Harvey Rubin, sure go ahead, it’s uncontested
Judicial Elections:
Florida Supreme Court
74 NO – Do NOT retain Charles T. Canady
75 YES – Retain Jorge Labarga
78 NO– Do NOT retain Ricky Polston
3rd DCA
79 Retain Edwin A.Scales
81 Retain Linda Ann Wells
11th Judicial Circuit
83 Mark Blumstein
85 Carol “Jodie” Breece
More County Races
89 Modesto “Mo” Abety for School Board (this one is easy)
92 Raquel Regalado for Mayor (this one is hard, especially after a very dispiriting final week’s campaign)
State Constitutional Amendments
201 NO!!! Amend #1 Trojan horse solar amendment
202 YES Amend # 2 Medical Marijuana
204/205 No advice Amend #3Tax break for disabled first responders: bad idea, good people
206/206 No advice Amend #5 Tax break for poor seniors who own homes
County Charter Amendments
209 NO Control of Special Purpose Districts
210 YES Right to copy public records
Coral Gables Charter Amendments
222 YES Removal of Trial Board Appeals Procedure
225 NO New Procedure for Suspension of Commissioner
226 YES Appointment of Vice Mayor
229 NO Removal Procedures for Commissioners
230 YES Run-off elections for Commissioners

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