2016 Ballot Recommendations – State Races

Yes, yes, you want the judicial recommendations. But you’ll have to wait until at least tomorrow for those. Meanwhile, here are some suggestions on the state races.

FL Senate SD-37: Jose Javier Rodriguez

Jose Javier Rodriguez has not been real visible around here, but there’s plenty of reasons to vote for him anyway as that is a vote against Miguel Diaz de la Portilla.

One defining issue for the state of Florida is whether we’ll extend Medicaid to people who are currently not poor enough for it, but still too poor for Obamacare subsidies. The federal government would pick up almost all the costs – making the change is like taking free money; not making the change just means that our federal taxes will flow disproportionately to the 31 states that are signed up for the expanded Medicaid program. States that expand Medicaid see dramatic improvements in access to health healthcare; Florida like much of Old Confederacy is punishing its poor people – many of whom are not white – out of petulant dislike of Obamacare. Despite misleading mailers from the de la Portilla campaign, Rodriguez is on the right side of this one, and that’s reason enough to vote for him right there.

Fl State Rep. Dist 114: Daisy Baez.

Daisy Baez will be a great state rep. I was for her two years ago, and she almost won then against an incumbent. Now it’s an open seat. She has business experience, understand healthcare issues from the inside, and seems from the times I’ve met her to be a genuinely nice person. This one is easy! Among her issues are expanding Medicaid, and support for restoring cuts to the Bright Futures scholarship program. Vote for Daisy!

Next: Some County races.

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  1. Anna Vamos says:

    Hi! Thank You for doing this blog!

    I don’t see your recommendations on District 38 (state senator). Do you have one?

    Thank You!

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