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The Moral High Ground

On NPR this morning they were noting sarcastically that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had said members of his security forces “may lose their jobs” if they are found guilty of torturing election protesters. The implication was “that's all?”.

And I'm thinking — have we done as much here?

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Turnabout is Fair Play

President Obama did Letterman; now Limbaugh is going on Leno.

Seems fair: Letterman gets the head of the Democratic Party, Leno gets the head of the Republican party.

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UM Law Celebrates New Therapeutic Jurisprudence Center

Congrats to colleague Bruce Winick whose new Therapeutic Jurisprudence Center debuts today.

Therapeutic jurisprudence sees the law itself as a therapeutic agent. The innovative field uses the tools of the behavioral sciences to increase the understanding of law and how it can be reshaped to minimize its anti-therapeutic effects and maximize its therapeutic potential. The field has grown enormously and has been recognized as a key scholarly approach in disciplines across the legal spectrum, including criminal, juvenile, and family law, health and disability law, constitutional law, employment law, and tort law.

There's a big party this evening over at the Lowe to kick it off.

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Landshark or White Elephant?

Miami Beach 411 disses Landshark Stadium as a venue for UM football in Are the 'Canes Doomed to Never Have a Home Field Advantage?.

Never having been to the old stadium, and having no plans to go to the new one — it's too hot and I like the better beer and instant replay at home — I don't have a view, but I've heard stuff like this from other people too…at least, the ones without skyboxes.

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A Cause to Rally Around

It's popular, but techPresdent wonders if it isn't a bit late.

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AES Explained in a Cartoon

Note to self. Save this for the next time I have to teach crypto to lawyers.

Moserware: A Stick Figure Guide to the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

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