Landshark or White Elephant?

Miami Beach 411 disses Landshark Stadium as a venue for UM football in Are the 'Canes Doomed to Never Have a Home Field Advantage?.

Never having been to the old stadium, and having no plans to go to the new one — it's too hot and I like the better beer and instant replay at home — I don't have a view, but I've heard stuff like this from other people too…at least, the ones without skyboxes.

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One Response to Landshark or White Elephant?

  1. Just me says:

    On Joe Robbie:

    A) The Down Side:

    1) I have been in the wonderfully comfortable sky box seats at Joe Robbie many times, and have yet to watch more than a few plays of any game while there. I spend the whole time eating sushi and talking sh*t. Even my wife thinks this is weak, and is no way to “watch” a football game. I don’t think I am alone on this point.

    2) Even ok seats at Joe Robbie feel like you are a mile away, and forget about the cheap seat.

    3) Joe Robbie is so damn far from UM that it is ridiculous.

    4) I hate the damn Marlins’ infield!

    5) Stadium will rarely fill up for a UM game = less noise, less rowdiness, less fun.

    6) Joe Robbie lacks that “feel” that comes from an old stadium. Joe Robbie feels like a pro stadium. Watching a game at the Orange Bowl felt half jury-rigged, and was therefore that much more fun. It was raw and exciting, just like college football.

    B) The Up Side.

    1) More tickets for UM v. FSU will be available.

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