A Cause to Rally Around

It's popular, but techPresdent wonders if it isn't a bit late.

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    I have the solution to too much company influence over legislation.
    Boycott some of those companies en masse and make them get it
    for us. Yes, we will need to get at least 100,000 people to act on
    these. With these actions you can help limit corporate power.

    See our web site at http://DEMOCRATZ.ORG


    Please sign these NEW petitions for single payer health care HR676






    Also sign these petitions.





    Make these phone calls too and spread the word.

    Boycott Tyson Foods of Arkansas who gave Mike Ross D-Arkansas
    $37,000 for his campaigns. Call lobbyist for Tyson Foods Chuck Penry
    202 393 3921 and tell him politely that you refuse to buy Tyson chicken
    until Mike Ross D-Arkansas the leader of the Blue Dogs on health
    care gets the entire house and senate conservative Democrats to help
    get HR 676 enacted into law. Tell others to call. Send me email after
    you call to info@democratz.org

    Boycott American Express who gave Max Baucus $50,000 for his
    campaigns. Call Joanna Lambert at 212 640 9668 and politely tell
    her you will not use any American Express cards until Max Baucus
    gets HR 676 enacted into law. Email me after you call.


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