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The Future is Now

I’m at a meaty NSF/DHS conference on the regulatory challenges of ‘autonomous’ machines. (The scare quotes reflect the consensus that this is a contested term.)

The seriousness of the event has not stopped participants from noting that it’s Roy Batty’s birthday today (Blade Runner, in case you don’t get the reference).

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Off to DC (Policy for Automation Workshop)

I’m going to DC for a very short visit, to participate in the “Policy for Automation Workshop,” co-sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Homeland Security tomorrow and Friday. Should be really interesting. And certainly very timely.

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Off to Ohio

DaDI’m going to make a very quick visit to Ohio, to participate in a panel on “Drones as Threats: Privacy and Property Rights” at the OSU Drones as Disruption conference that is being held in Columbus, OH tomorrow.

Agenda looks really good, I hope to learn stuff. But I’m starting to dislike airports.

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Back from Amsterdam

Back from a great and helpful conference in Amsterdam. Lots of interesting papers, a chance to reconnect with many European colleagues especially from Amsterdam and Tilburg, and lots of useful comments on the draft paper I presented.

Now I have to deal with jet lag.

And tonight, if I can stay up for it, do I watch the GOP debate, or the first game of the Miami Heat’s potentially interesting season? So far I’m leaning towards the basketball. The first two debates had enough hate and fantasy to hold me for a long while.

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I Love Eduroam

One of my few achievements was getting UMiami to join Eduroam, the nifty university consortium that allows visiting academics to log in automatically to the internet supplied by all other member institutions. European universities were early adopters; the US is catching up. Once you get it set up on your devvice, it’s seamless; I’m using it now via the University of Amsterdam.

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Off to Amsterdam

I’m going to (some of) Amsterdam Privacy Week — the early bits, plus the Amsterdam edition of PLSC where I’ll present a work in progress on how we might structure anonymous transactions so they are of some use in preventing profiling, but not so private that the US government inevitably will choke on them. Whether there is in fact something worthwhile in the intersection of those sets could be debated, but it seems worth thinking about at least.

Unfortunately, I will miss much of the event — I’m journeying back on Tuesday — as there are only so many classes you can reschedule in good conscience.

Please email me at if you are going to be there and want to meet up at some point. That’s Michael Froomkin if you are wondering what my name is.

Blogging likely be light to non-existent while away. Might tweet from time to time though at @mfroomkin.

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