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The Road to Hell?

The Road to Hell?

The basic elements of Protestant Theology appear to have eluded me. Comes now Rev. Pat Robertson to explain that “allowing boys to think it’s okay to play with pink Lego while girls think it’s okay to play with non-pink Lego is a one-way ticket to Hell.”

Who knew?

(This is a parody, of Robertson, right?)

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Win 10 GIF


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(via the ‘Yucks’ list)

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This Joke Is Older Than You Think

Jon Schwartz writes, Russian Oligarch Boris Berezovsky Wanted to Turn My Joke Into Reality. The joke is

One of my core political beliefs is that there would still be a Soviet Union if they’d been smart enough to have two communist parties that agreed on everything except abortion.

Obviously that’s a joke about the U.S., where we have two capitalist parties that largely agree on everything. The exceptions are issues that matter a lot to the regular people who make up the two parties’ bases, but are largely irrelevant to party elites who fund and run both of them.

I first heard a version of this in the early seventies, when someone told me what was already an old saw about Kwame Nkrumah being interviewed by an American reporter for the AP shortly after taking Ghana to a one-part state in 1964.

“Don’t you believe in democracy, sir?” the reporter asked.

“Oh you Americans,” Nkrumah supposedly replied, “You already have a one-party state, but with typical American excess you have two of them.”

Update: It seems I’ve blogged this joke before. More American excess?

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Must-See TV

John Oliver interviews Edward Snowden.

Warning: Not utterly safe for all workspaces….

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I don’t know why, but this video made me laugh a lot. The setup is that I got to it via a post by Valdis Kletnieks to the North American Network Operators Group (Nanog) crediting Lauren Weinstein for sharing “a pointer to this video of one of the stranger failure modes I’ve ever seen…..”

I guess the downside is that someone is going to be very disappointed come winter.

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