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Car Cookies!

All I want to know is, will this method for baking chocolate chip cookies on a car dashboard work in a humid climate?

Actually, I also want to know how long the smell lingers and whether I have to share.

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Caipirinha Report (Continued)

danger! danger!So last night I had only four of these things, but the effect was much more evident. Kidding aside, I actually didn’t feel Wednesday’s five hardly at all — could it have been that VeriSign watered the drinks?

Or does being in meetings all day just destroy one’s resistance?

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Caipirinha Report

So I had five of the Caipirinhas this evening. Two I got by queuing twice in the drinks line; one Bret Fausett handed me unexpectedly, and two more were provided by waiters at dinner after I asked for red wine.

I don’t see why people claim these are lethal, they had absolutely no wejr2p3rj2jdas;k cxw jf;dsjfsa asjfwe

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$9 Beer?

They are selling Dogfish Head: 120 Minute IPA beer in my local for, get this, $8.99 (plus tax) for a single 12oz bottle.

Although curious as to what could possibly justify that price, I did not buy one. First, I didn't want to encourage them. Second, how can you buy just one, when your spouse sent you out you volunteered to go out and buy some nice beer. Third, I could see little chance of a good outcome. Either it would be awful and I'd feel cheated, or it would be great, but I'd still never spend that much for a bottle of beer again and might regret it.

Actually, can something 42 proof really be called beer?

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Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow

So much for

US soldier ordered to shut beer site: A SOLDIER who created, a Web site that lets people buy a beer online for a US soldier, has been ordered by the top brass to stop running his site.

According to Stars and Stripes, Sgt Dale Rogers, in Iraq with Company C, 1st Battalion (air assault), 503rd Infantry Regiment was ordered to retreat from the site after the regimental briefs said it was unethical.

A regimental spokesman said that whatever his intentions, the Web site was illegal as Rogers seems to be using his association with the Army as a way to solicit funds for beer.

Undeterred, Rogers has handed the site over to his brother to run, although that might not be enough for the army who want it shut down.

So make up for it when they get home.

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