Caipirinha Report

So I had five of the Caipirinhas this evening. Two I got by queuing twice in the drinks line; one Bret Fausett handed me unexpectedly, and two more were provided by waiters at dinner after I asked for red wine.

I don’t see why people claim these are lethal, they had absolutely no wejr2p3rj2jdas;k cxw jf;dsjfsa asjfwe

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3 Responses to Caipirinha Report

  1. Brad DeLong says:

    Ah. Made from Brazilian sugarcane moonshine. Ann Marie and I had some at Cafe de la Paz in Berkeley on Shattuck back in September, and ajqewp834bfsvd3485n,

  2. Randy Paul says:

    Just remember that a slang expression for cachaça is pinga (from the verb pingar,meaning to drip as it is distilled). In Miami, you definitely don’t want to go into a liquor store and ask for a bottle of pinga . . .

    My father-in-law in Minas Gerais has an alembique (i.e., a still) on his farm where he makes cachaça from the sugar cane that he grows. It’s pleasant enough to drink straight.

    You can also make other drinks with cachaça. See if you can get a batida de cajá while you’re there. It’s probably one of the tastiest drinks I’ve ever had.

  3. Ann Bartow says:

    Well it’s morning now so out of consideration for y’alls hangovers I’ll type this very quietly.

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