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Out of the Hospital

I’ve been discharged from the hospital and I’m now in a rehab facility trying to gain back my strength. I expect to be here about a week, and there really doesn’t seem to be any wi-fi anywhere in the building.

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An Update From Michael

I'm still in the hospital — and, ironically, in a part with no Internet. People have been reading me some of the e-mails and comments that have been sent and I'm very grateful, but unable to respond. It looks like I'll be in the hospital as much as another week. I hope once I get out to be able to thank people more directly.

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A Message From Michael

I’m alive.

For those of you who may have been wondering why there haven’t been any posts here since Feb. 12, the reason is that I had emergency open-heart surgery, and now I’m recovering.

If there’s a really great way to ruin a writing sabbatical, it is by spending it in the hospital.

The prognosis is good, but I was under heavy sedation until just recently, and I’m still very weak. (My brother Dan is entering this for me.) So posting will be light to nonexistent for a while longer.

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