A Message From Michael

I’m alive.

For those of you who may have been wondering why there haven’t been any posts here since Feb. 12, the reason is that I had emergency open-heart surgery, and now I’m recovering.

If there’s a really great way to ruin a writing sabbatical, it is by spending it in the hospital.

The prognosis is good, but I was under heavy sedation until just recently, and I’m still very weak. (My brother Dan is entering this for me.) So posting will be light to nonexistent for a while longer.

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  1. Sue Ann says:

    Glad to hear from you.
    You’ve been in our thoughts and prayers, Michael.

    I don’t say “get well” – long story bad, bad, bad. However I wish you a speedy recovery.

  2. Michael:

    I just saw your brother Dan’s note about your surgery. So glad to hear that you are kicking after they went in to unplug things. I read as much of your material as I can — and you are greatly missed.

    All the best in your recovery. From your DC fan,

    Steve Clemons
    The Washington Note

  3. So the rumour that you were the reserve US ice hockey goalie at the Olympics was untrue?

    Just glad you’re still with us – and take your time, relax and enjoy your family. We’ll cope without you for a bit.

  4. Tom D says:

    Another DC fan, UM Law 2002 (didn’t have any classes with you)–hoping you are recovering well, your postings are missed–will more thoroughly read the Habermas article to see me through the hiatus. All best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  5. Kevin Gaunt says:

    I’ve been wondering over the past few days where you were. Sorry to hear that the absence wasn’t for fun reasons, but glad to hear that you’re still kicking.

    Best wishes for a quick recovery.

  6. C.E. Petit says:

    Best wishes. At least, though, we can now definitively state that we know of a lawyer who has a heart.

  7. Just me says:

    All the best Micheal, and may you have a speedy recovery.

  8. Adam Liptak says:


    Yikes, and very glad to hear you’re on the mend.

    Adam Liptak

  9. Steve says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery from a regular reader and occasional commenter.

  10. Judith Bush says:

    Another wish that you may have a speedy recovery and energy to write!

  11. beyond left says:

    Best wishes. I really enjoy reading you (although I thought your WP column was better than your HuffPost stuff, mostly because you wrote every day there). Speedy recovery and best wishes.

  12. BroD says:

    Glad to know you’re ok (sorta). Convalesce!

  13. Rick says:

    Get well, Michael.


  14. Kathy says:

    Thanks to Dan for letting us know–I had been worried also. Hope you will soon be feeling better…

  15. Robert Waldmann says:

    Get well soon.

  16. Adam says:

    Get well soon!

  17. Mark Smeraldi says:

    Stopped reading WaPo after they let you go ( no one left worth reading). Best wishes for a quick and full recovery.

  18. Cindy says:

    Speedy recovery, Mr F. Miss your good work.

  19. Keith says:

    I was relieved to see this, and I’m glad to you’re on the road to recovery. Best wishes.

  20. Keith says:

    I was relieved to see this, and I’m glad you’re on the road to recovery. Best wishes.

  21. Mikki Barry says:

    Very glad that you’re recovering. Hang in there.

  22. Matt says:

    Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery, Michael. The scar won’t look great at the beach but you can bounce right back. My father had open heart surgery several years ago and now camps, fishes, does pretty much everything he likes. Take care, and good luck.

  23. Dave Porter says:

    Mr. Froomkin,

    You are so highly regarded, it is hard to say it clearly without appearing to pander.
    Suffice it so say, your character, upbringing, and intellect reflect very well on your parents, teachers, and family.

    Don’t worry about a thing. The world will continue to revolve, and evolution will continue – no matter what
    others may think, say, or do. Just take care of yourself, and make your decisions strictly for your own good and
    that of your family.

  24. Get well soon and take it easy!

  25. Randy Paul says:

    Glad to hear you’re on the road to recovery. I hope it’s a speedy one.

  26. Dana Barker says:

    I’ve been checking most everyday and searching for news. Sorry to hear of your circumstances but glad to hear that you are recovering.

  27. Gord Metcalfe says:

    Speedy recovery and well wishes

  28. Orin Kerr says:

    Speedy Recovery, Michael!!! I’m very glad to hear you’re on the mend.

  29. Caroline Abbott says:

    Get better faster. Best of wishes.

  30. Without you a bow tie is just a bow tie. Get feisty again soon!

    Santa Cruz, California

  31. Vic says:

    All my best wishes for a speedy recovery Michael!

  32. Chuck says:

    Glad you’re back in ‘The World’ and have a speedy recovery.
    Missed your face out here !
    Listen to the Doc’s and keep that sense of humor, it’s critical !!

  33. Joe1 says:

    Get well soon, Michael, but don’t get well too soon. A cashier at my local Giant counseled me one day about returning to work too soon after my hip replacement surgery. (I was in the store, buying groceries, and walking on crutches.) She told me that the recovery period would be one of the few times in my adolescent or adult life when I could actually do little or nothing all day, and no one could say anything about it. She was right. During my recovery, I read a few more books, I watched more movies, and I was able to experiment legally with tylenol #3. Hips ain’t heart, though, so you be careful.

  34. phil says:

    Most people just have server issues to blame for their blog absence … you go all the way!

    Makes me grateful for modern medicine. Take care.

  35. Andrew says:

    Have a speedy and full recovery and be well!

  36. Sam@roofmaintenance says:

    That’s a funny way of comeback , my boy, well i have been reading your articles for a long time now, and was wondering where you had been , seriously missed your posts.thankx for comming back.


  37. none says:

    Get well soon!

  38. Ed Bott says:

    Wow, glad to hear you’re doing well enough to dictate a reply at least. Take it easy and don’t short-change the recovery process. Oh, and you got the replacement parts with the lifetime warranty, right?

  39. Rrod Steven says:

    We all missed you mate , i hope you are back finally to our reading needs like you did in the past , your work is fun to read and i admire your thoughts a lot . KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB.

    Rrod Steven

  40. Brautigan says:

    Best wishes for speedy and thorough recovery.

  41. LRM says:

    We are all so happy to hear that you are recovering. You have been in our thoughts. I wish you a speedy recovery!

  42. Here’s to a healthy return.

    We look forward to when you can return back at the keyboard and lecture podium soon.

    Hope to see you at the 30th Reunion in New Haven in 2012 if not before !

    Your freshman roommate,


  43. Ann Marie Marciarille says:

    We’re keeping all of you in our thoughts. Send Caroline or Dan to me if they need assistance w. insurers or providers. Let your health care attorney friend be of some use, if you need it.

  44. Michael Leb says:

    Michael – Sorry to hear about your heart condition. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


  45. Jim Carlson says:

    Will keep you in my prayers. Stay strong.

  46. Deborah Gaines says:

    Feel better, Michael! Getting older isn’t for sissies, as we know. All best, Debbie Gaines

  47. Doug Carmichael says:

    Hope that this has given you some reflection time. Illness is always a good time for reinvention. Of course we like the way you are and hope for a vital recovery.


  48. Bilge says:


    I just saw your brother Dan’s note about your surgery. So glad to hear that you are kicking after they went in to unplug things. I read as much of your material as I can — and you are greatly missed.

    All the best in your recovery. From your DC fan,

    I agree 😉

  49. Patrina Cook says:

    Get well soon! All the best, Pat

  50. Kat says:

    So sorry to hear this. All best wishes from Ian and me.

  51. I hope you’ll recover soon. Many will surely miss all your posts. Just take time to rest for your full recover. I’m pretty sure that people here will surely wait for you to come back.Ann@Wii softmod

  52. Copeland says:

    I want to add my get well wishes and hope you are feeling stronger.

  53. Mike Marshall says:


    Mike Marshall

  54. Get well soon, Professor Froomkin. May all the good karma you’ve built up over the years pay off in spades now that you need it.

  55. Get well soon. There is no doubt that this experience is a trying one, but it will make you stronger.

  56. Just saw this, GET WELL SOON!!

  57. Dan Steinberg says:


    I was shocked/surprised/befuddled to learn that you required emergency open-heart surgery! Emergency surgery is scary. Glad everything looks positive. Been there done that 10 years ago and it changed my life. As everyone said, take your time coming back. Nothing is more important than health.


  58. Chad Steskal says:

    Professor Froomkin,

    I am glad to hear you are doing better. We have not heard a lot of information on campus other than the initial emergency and I know a lot of us were concerned. I look forward to your return. I prefer no one else to learn from about automated crossbow/spring gun hypotheticals!

    Chad Steskal

  59. Todd Friedman says:

    Glad to hear you are doing better. Wishing you a healthy and speedy recovery!

  60. Paul Ohm says:

    Great to hear from you. My thoughts are with you. Here’s to a quick recovery!

  61. Get well soon! Hopefully, you could recover easily. Many of your avid followers here are waiting for you.William Anderson

  62. Eric Schmidt says:

    Professor Froomkin,

    All of us at the University of Colorado Journal on Telecommunications and High Technology Law are thinking of you and glad to hear you are feeling better. We wish you good health and a speedy recovery.

  63. JudiC says:

    I /was/ wondering what happened. (My hiatus is not nearly so well excused.) Best wishes for your healing!

  64. Sheds says:

    Take care of your body. Remember that if you’re living, it’s the most important thing you must take care of. Michael Sheds is looking forward to your fast recovery.

  65. Dan Sheds says:

    Good to hear that was wondering , there has been not a post from your side for a very long time now.
    Hope you are fine and ready to thrill the readers with your articles and writings.

    Dan Sheds

  66. Wish you to recover fully fast!

  67. Joe says:

    My wife just had a quadruple bypass – can only imagine what you must have been through. All the best

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