Oh Rats

First it was zoo animals like large cats, bears and gorillas that could get COVID. Then if was house cats. Then it was wild deer who might be COVID carriers.

Now it’s rats. And there are millions of rats in large cities.


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4 Responses to Oh Rats

  1. Eric says:

    Boil the ocean!

  2. C.E. Petit says:

    I’m much more worried about the much larger rats found at City Hall across the nation. They’ve got bigger teeth to start with, and one wonders about infection being passed via election flyers…

    It reminds me of a relatively recent headline in a Chicago paper in a story concerning beavers, proclaiming that those beavers were the “biggest rodents in Chicago.” But I’ve never seen a beaver as big as even an elementary-school Daley… and it’s just as bad in other dynastic cities, regardless of political party labelling.

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