DeSantis Basks in His New Popularity

They love, they really…well, hate him, actually.

And if you think he’s unpopular now, wait until a child dies of COVID in a school that wanted a mask rule but wasn’t allowed to have it because DeSantis and his team forbade it. I hope that never happens, but if it does, I hope it’s the centerpiece of a commercial playing every hour on every major station in the next election.

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One Response to DeSantis Basks in His New Popularity

  1. My impression is that De Santis is working hard to stay ahead of Abbott in the race for “worst covid governor”.

    Next time someone says that “they’re all the same” so there’s no point voting, all these guys – add Johnson, Bolsonaro, Trump – are Exhibits A as to why that’s not true.


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