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Sick Joke

In Michigan gas is now cheaper than water. But only one of them is unleaded.

It’s making the rounds.

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An Unspeakable Crime Has Been Committed In Flint– But It Should Not Be Unpunishable.

This crime makes me very angry. It should make you very angry in multiple ways, including means and motive, not to mention the paltriness of the savings or the refusal to listen to warnings from scientists. Jail really is too good for those responsible. After some thought, I’ve decided that despite this, I still don’t believe in the death penalty. But I was tempted.

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Trump Rebarbativity Test

This Donald Trump Theme Song Is the Most Upsetting Thing You’ll Ever Hear

I only lasted 16 seconds before turning it off. Feel free to post your stamina score below.

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The Future is Now

I’m at a meaty NSF/DHS conference on the regulatory challenges of ‘autonomous’ machines. (The scare quotes reflect the consensus that this is a contested term.)

The seriousness of the event has not stopped participants from noting that it’s Roy Batty’s birthday today (Blade Runner, in case you don’t get the reference).

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Off to DC (Policy for Automation Workshop)

I’m going to DC for a very short visit, to participate in the “Policy for Automation Workshop,” co-sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Homeland Security tomorrow and Friday. Should be really interesting. And certainly very timely.

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Review Skeptic Can Spot Fake Online Reviews (of Hotels)

Review Skeptic claims it can distinguish fake hotel reviews from real ones with 90% accuracy. Must be true, it’s based on research.

Spotted via Lifehacker.

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