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EFF’s Handy E-Reader Privacy Chart

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, on whose Advisory Board I have the honor to serve, has released a very useful chart about how much your e-reader can spy on your reading habits — just in time for holiday shopping.

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Plain Talk About Competitive Keyword Ads Lawsuits

One of the things that used to drive me crazy back when I did more Trademark law was the brain-dead assertions made robotically, with — it seemed — the best faith in the world, by lawyers for Big Trademark. They not only believed that they “owned” the words in their marks (and often common derivatives) but that anything which led (they would say “stole” or “diverted”) a customer away from their clients’ wares by referring to that word was illegal.

So hats off to Eric Goldman who has the stomach to keep following their antics, and to call these claims what they are: dumb. See Technology & Marketing Law Blog: Yet Another Ruling That Competitive Keyword Ad Lawsuits Are Stupid–Louisiana Pacific v. James Hardie for more of the gory bits.

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A Note From the Surveillance Society

This, spotted at a local fast foodery, is depressing:

Since when is it the rule that if you don’t want to be on camera, you must be up to no good?

And no, I do not find the concept of a “burrito-cam” comforting in any way shape or form.

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Yet Another Florida Voting Disaster

Voting started today for the design of Florida’s new default license plate. We’re supposed to have a choice of four not-very-lovely designs, all optimized to be red-light-camera and toll-camera friendly (oh, joy).

Floridians are invited to vote for the design of our choice at a special site set up by the state Department of Highway and Motor Vehicles:

Voting is scheduled to end Dec. 14.

But once again, Florida is having troubles with early voting: the site is down. Figures.

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Shorter Ross Douthat

The payroll tax has proved to be an effective way to redistribute a small amount of money from the rich to the poor and therefore we should seize every opportunity to undermine it; if this makes Social Security less solvent, all the better! (Summarizing “Our Enemy, the Payroll Tax”))

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Stuff I Learned on Thanksgiving

1. There really is a better way to carve a turkey.

2. Pumpkin Cheesecake is surprisingly wonderful. (link corrected)

3. Some people had a very bad Thanksgiving.

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