Obama Speech (3)

Nelson makes a big pitch for early voting – warns people there is not voting the Sunday immediately before the election. Nelson acts as if he has a pulse; I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him animated before.

3:05 Nelson’s done. We have in interregnum. Meanwhile the seats are all filled. The crowd cheers and stands…but it’s too early…way too early….and we’re back to loud recorded music. Then …

To introduce the President of the United States please welcome Elizabeth [Bush?]. She introduces herself as a Freshman at UM (“I’ve been volunteering with Canes for Obama since my first week of school.”) She notes Obama’s efforts for Pell grants, to cut costs of student loans (and this is in my opinion a genuine Obama achievement, one Romney has criticized).

Early voting starts on October 27, or you can vote absentee.

“Miami, this election is a clear choice between a politician who doesn’t understand us and a President who does.”

and we’re off…

[Note:first two paragraphs got left out accidentally, were added later]

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