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Good News for Bitcoin

It seems the bad guys who infect Macs think it’s worth the trouble to plant Trojans to mine Bitcoins. They’re pretty smart, so I guess this counts as one vote of confidence.

(Thanks to WG for the tip, although probably she won’t approve of the spin.)

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Bank Behaving Badly

naked capitalism, Goldman Bullies Teeny Credit Union that #OccupyWallStreet Uses.

I really like this part best:

Yes, sports fans. When Goldman became a bank during the crisis, it became subject to CRA. Back to [the Guardian’s Greg] Palast:

Problem: Goldman has, it seems, no low-income customers, nor a “community”. Goldman was directed to find poor people and a community and hand over some cash.

And so far, they basically haven’t.

(And yes, the headline on this post is awfully generic.)

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A Small Data Point on the Recovery

I’m prepared to believe that the economy is picking itself up off the floor: in the past three or four weeks, I’ve had more requests to advertise on this blog than in the preceding six months.

I turn them all down, because I don’t blog for money and I think ads could be used to argue that my blogging hobby is no longer covered by my insurance.

But perhaps the requests might still amount to a leading economic indicator?

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Jotwell Turns Two

Bridget Crawford has kind words for Jotwell on our second anniversary.

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DNC Romney Hit Ad

This video is aimed at Arizona, but it should work in Florida too. And elsewhere.


A new poll shows Obama leading Romney in Arizona by 5% although both are well under 50%. Looks like Arizona of all places may be on the Obama target list.

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Checking in With Bitcoin

It doesn’t look real pretty. See Forbes, The End of Bitcoin Part II. (Although, having a ‘part II’ to your ending suggests you are not going totally quietly.)

I was pretty negative about Bitcoin right from the start, and I make no apologies for that.

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