DNC Romney Hit Ad

This video is aimed at Arizona, but it should work in Florida too. And elsewhere.


A new poll shows Obama leading Romney in Arizona by 5% although both are well under 50%. Looks like Arizona of all places may be on the Obama target list.

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3 Responses to DNC Romney Hit Ad

  1. Just me says:

    The ad will likely strike an emotional chord with voters hit by the real estate bubble bursting, but is he actually wrong?

    • Compared to a program that instead of bailing out banks focused on bailing out homeowners, I’d say so. There is also the likelihood (based on the historical record) that when asset bubbles burst, markets over-correct, in this case causing unnecessary pain to homeowners and to the economy in general. So I’d say, yes, he’s wrong, unless you are a very hard-core Austrian economist.

  2. That Asimov story in which just one person voted to determine the election is looking more and more prescient.


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