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Maybe This Works In California

… but I don't think this would work in Florida: Stay Jerry, My Friends

Not to mention that an ad like this about either Alex Sink or that crooked CEO bald guy, well, you just can't imagine it.

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Pam Bondi Video

If the polls are to be believed, the state of Florida is gearing up to elect a dog-napper as its state Attorney General instead of Dan Gelber, the sane candidate endorsed by most newspapers in the state. In the hopes of heading this off, the state Democratic Party has prepared a short video about Pam Bondi and the St. Bernards: The Real Pam Bondi

The only vaguely hopeful part of this story is that suggestion that undecideds break the way of newspaper editorials in down-ticket races. But I'm not feeling confident that it will be enough.

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Brownshirt Latest

A Rand Paul supporter stomped on a protester. Lone wolf, condemned by campaign, right? Well, not quite: Rand Paul's lame response: Won't condemn or disavow assault by supporter, calls it 'unusual situation'.

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Firesheep: A Firefox Network-Sniffing and Hijacking Plugin

This is a big deal: Firefox extension makes social network ID spoofing trivial.

It would, I gather, be a serious violation of the University of Miami acceptable use policies for me to test drive this at work, so I can't report on how it does. But if anyone has tried this out somewhere else, please let me know in the comments if it works as advertised.

The author of the article optimistically suggests that having something like this in the wild will cause a revolution in site security. That may work at the very highest profile sites like Facebook, but overall, that's just a dream, unfortunately.

I just hope that using a VPN protects against this. (I think it will.)

(Thanks to TB for putting me on to this.)

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Ride To Rally

Here's a nice use of Google Maps: is geography-based service to allow people seeking rides to Washington, DC for the Stewart/Colbert rallies on October 30 and those offering rides to find each other.

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More on the Legal Corps

I've learned a few more (tentative) details about the UM Law Legal Corps. (See Meet the UM Law Legal Corps Fellowship Program.)

  • The law school has identified an office and three staff persons to run the program, which will be housed off-campus in the Legal Services of Greater Miami-Dade building.
  • The Law School expects to identify at least 300 placement opportunities for graduates, far in excess of the number of graduates expected to choose to (or qualify to) participate.
  • Placement opportunities will be national in scope, including posts as supernumerary law clerks for federal judges, state appeals court judges, and trial court judges. These placements will be as additional clerks for the judges, and should not be cause for the judges to reduce their number of paid clerks.
  • There may even be a few international placement opportunities.
  • Nonlocal legal corps members will participate remotely in the professional development sessions. The law school intends to seek CLE credit in the relevant jurisdictions (and it has experience in this since it runs national conferences).

Of course, it's still early days, and it's all a moving target…

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