More on the Legal Corps

I've learned a few more (tentative) details about the UM Law Legal Corps. (See Meet the UM Law Legal Corps Fellowship Program.)

  • The law school has identified an office and three staff persons to run the program, which will be housed off-campus in the Legal Services of Greater Miami-Dade building.
  • The Law School expects to identify at least 300 placement opportunities for graduates, far in excess of the number of graduates expected to choose to (or qualify to) participate.
  • Placement opportunities will be national in scope, including posts as supernumerary law clerks for federal judges, state appeals court judges, and trial court judges. These placements will be as additional clerks for the judges, and should not be cause for the judges to reduce their number of paid clerks.
  • There may even be a few international placement opportunities.
  • Nonlocal legal corps members will participate remotely in the professional development sessions. The law school intends to seek CLE credit in the relevant jurisdictions (and it has experience in this since it runs national conferences).

Of course, it's still early days, and it's all a moving target…

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  1. Ann Bartow says:

    So awesome though, even if not yet perfected.

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