That 50-State Strategy Needs Work

I was a big fan of Gov. Dean's “50-state-strategy”. Running candidates all over forces the other side to spread its resources. Allowing anyone to go unopposed means that their campaign funds can go to more marginal seats. Plus, by running candidates even if they don't win you build up infrastructure and good will, and that makes it easier to win when the tides and demographics turn.

So I was disappointed to see that the Democratic party failed to field a congressional candidate in four Florida congressional districts: the 1st, 4th, 6th and especially the 21st (where Mario Diaz-Balart is switching from the 25th district).

In case you are wondering (I was), the only Democratic candidate here in Florida's 18th is Rolando A. Banciella. I sure hope he ups his web presence soon — I couldn't find anything worth linking to.

Incidentally, there are “Tea Party” candidates in the 8th, 12th and 25th Districts — the latter being the one where Joe Garcia is making a second try, at what is now an open seat since Mario Diaz-Balart has jumped to the 21st. Will Joe Garcia hire Joe Trippi again, despite Trippi's taint of working on the sure-to-be-destructive Jeff Grenne campaign?

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2 Responses to That 50-State Strategy Needs Work

  1. Just me says:

    Back on September 2, 2009 you posted an entry named “GOP Hardcore Loves Rubio.” I commented on the possibility that Rubio’s entry might cause Crist to run as an independent. You commented that you thought it would be interesting, but that Crist would be unlikely to pull it off.

    Now that Crist has announced his intention to run as an independent, any thoughts on his chances, or do you still think he’s pretty much out of luck?

  2. michael says:

    I honestly don’t know. I thought this column by Howard Troxler, Headed for a showdown, set out the issues well, concluding, “In sum: While Rubio runs against Obama, Crist can run against the Florida Legislature. Which will be more unpopular in November? ” (And, I’d add, can Meek up his name recognition in order to benefit from the fratricide?)

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