Lawyer and Music-Lover

Julian Kreeger, a great friend of the law school and one of our super Adjunct Professors, is profiled in South Florida Classical Review's Julian Kreeger marks a quarter-century of bringing the finest chamber music to Miami.

Julian and his wife, Judith Kreeger, a leading Circuit Court judge, have more records (LPs, not CDs) in their home than I have ever seen outside a record store. The article says they have 25,000, and I believe it.

A genial, rumpled presence at the University of Miami’s Gusman Conccert Hall, Kreeger is among the small and disappearing group of leading independent presenters who have helped make South Florida a surprisingly rich place for live classical music.

“I wanted to do what I could to bring world-class performers to Miami, continue the good work of Friends of Chamber Music that started in 1955, and do it at affordable ticket prices,” said Kreeger, who presents his final concert of the season this Sunday. “I tried to bring to Miami some things that you might not expect.”

Although the music world places a premium on great performers, Kreeger is one of the world’s great listeners.

He's also a really nice guy.

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3 Responses to Lawyer and Music-Lover

  1. 25,000 is a lot of records, even for the serious collector. i know of rabid collectors who never even get past the 10,000 mark. of course it’s all about quality, not quantity!

  2. Joe1 says:

    Moving sideways: Bruce Hornsby graduated from the University of Miami (my cousin was a classmate).

  3. HHR says:

    How do you store (and keep them in good shape)and organize 25000 records so you can actually find and use one?

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