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Fall Teaching

The docs tell me I'll be fit to teach by August, if not necessarily to pace in my accustomed manner, so I've agreed to teach Torts again — this time, mercifully, to a 'small' section (they're not that small) in the Fall term.

Meanwhile my recovery progresses. I'm able to do more, like get around the house, although still need a lot of help with stuff. I can walk down the block a few houses and back with a cane or a supportive arm for balance. Baby steps indeed.

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I am home, and so happy to be there. I remain very weak – climbing the stairs feels like doing Everest, and I can’t walk far. My balance is uncertain but I expect to graduate from a walker to a cane soon. My hands shake, and typing is hard. I get tired pathetically easily. But every day I’m a bit stronger, and the prognosis is good, although it will take some time to make a full recovery.

I am so deeply grateful for the messages of support here, in email, in cards, and via intermediaries. I will write more fully about that when I’m a bit better as it has been humbling and amazing. Meanwhile, please forgive me if a personal reply to your email is delayed a little more.

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Out of the Hospital

I’ve been discharged from the hospital and I’m now in a rehab facility trying to gain back my strength. I expect to be here about a week, and there really doesn’t seem to be any wi-fi anywhere in the building.

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The hospital IT guy got me online.

I am still very very weak, and can't type well as two fingers are numb (nerve got bruised in surgery; it will heal in time). I am likely to be discharged soon — next day or two I think — but while my progress is real, I have a long way to go.

If I am no longer as weak as a kitten, I would still be hesitant to take on a litter of them.

Basically, if it can't be done sitting or reclining, I still need help to do it. But that will change.

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An Update From Michael

I'm still in the hospital — and, ironically, in a part with no Internet. People have been reading me some of the e-mails and comments that have been sent and I'm very grateful, but unable to respond. It looks like I'll be in the hospital as much as another week. I hope once I get out to be able to thank people more directly.

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A Message From Michael

I’m alive.

For those of you who may have been wondering why there haven’t been any posts here since Feb. 12, the reason is that I had emergency open-heart surgery, and now I’m recovering.

If there’s a really great way to ruin a writing sabbatical, it is by spending it in the hospital.

The prognosis is good, but I was under heavy sedation until just recently, and I’m still very weak. (My brother Dan is entering this for me.) So posting will be light to nonexistent for a while longer.

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