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Wordless Editorial from the Tuscon Citizen.

(Via Barbara Brandon).

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Jon Stewart on Fox

“How is Barack Obama a socialist? As far as I can see, the majority of the billions of dollars he's given, he's given to banks. So if he's a socialist, he's dyslexic.”

—Jon Stewart during his Fox Bill O'Reilly appearance.

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EFF’s Panopticlick Pierces My Privacy Illusion


Ran this the other day in Firefox and got:

Your browser fingerprint appears to be unique among the 551,209 tested so far.

Currently, we estimate that your browser has a fingerprint that conveys at least 19.07 bits of identifying information.

Not one of the 551,209 browsers tested so far emit my plugin details

Similarly, not one of those 551,209 browsers has the same mix of fonts installed.

Might as well surf naked.

IE8 with privacy mode on is only a little better:

Within our dataset of several hundred thousand visitors, only one in 275,626 browsers have the same fingerprint as yours.

Currently, we estimate that your browser has a fingerprint that conveys 18.07 bits of identifying information.

And that 'other person' is probably … me.

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Kos GOP Poll Leads to Phone Threats

Daily Kos: State of the Nation:

Just got this note from Del Ali, president of polling firm Research 2000:

We have received two threatening phone calls in the past hour. Interestingly enough, both calls conclude that both you and I are terrorists promoting a gay and of course ant-American agenda.

Got it? Polling Republicans and asking them what they think, then jotting down their answers, promotes terrorism, gays, and an anti-American agenda. It's fun being a wingnut!

Earlier post: What the GOP Believes When It's At Home

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What the GOP Believes When It’s At Home

Consider The 2010 Comprehensive Daily Kos/Research 2000 Poll of Self-Identified Republicans paid for by Daily Kos and conducted by Research 2000.

In reading these quite horrifying numbers, I think it's important to note that recent polls suggest that the ratio of self-identified Republicans is at a low ebb: maybe as low as 20%

So when you read that 63% of respondents think President Obama — who often looks like a Rockefeller Republican to me — is a socialist, that could be as low as 14% of the voting population as a whole.

But as Kos notes, these numbers matter because they set the tone for the obstructionism of the elected officials in the GOP — they have to survive primaries in which these folks are the ones most likely to vote.

So, a majority of the resondents either agreed with or were not sure about each of the following statetments:

  • Obama was born abroad
  • Obama 'wants the terrorists to win'
  • Sarah Palin is more qualified to be President than Barack Obama
  • ACORN stole the 2008 election
  • Barack Obama is a racist who hates White people

Only a large minority, though, would go along with this:

Do you believe your state should secede from the United States

Yes 23
No 58
Not Sure 19

Some patriots.

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Lawyers (and Judges) Doing Good

It's pretty easy to get cynical about the law. Almost any recent volume of the Supreme Court Reporter can do it.

So here's a palate cleanser: Kentucky Supreme Court recognizes nonbio mom in stunning opinion.

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