Lawyers (and Judges) Doing Good

It's pretty easy to get cynical about the law. Almost any recent volume of the Supreme Court Reporter can do it.

So here's a palate cleanser: Kentucky Supreme Court recognizes nonbio mom in stunning opinion.

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4 Responses to Lawyers (and Judges) Doing Good

  1. alan says:

    It’s pretty easy to get cynical about the law.

    O RLY? It took me a good number of years reading cases before I became cynical.

    Maybe I’m just an oddball, though. I started out as a starry-eyed idealist about the rule of law, and that can’t be too common now, can it?

    Perhaps times have changed… Nowadays it’s pretty easy to get cynical about the law.

  2. lawyers says:

    Yes it is easy for anybody to go cynical. That court’s opinion is stunning!

  3. Call me cynical, but it appears Senator Kennedy’s support for the rule of law, is driven by his own calculations of political expediency and partisan advantage.

  4. softmod wii says:

    I think a lot of lawyers do good things as well. Even very successful lawyers do pro bono work to help people who cannot afford legal representation for example.

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