President Shalala Writes

In an email to the entire UM Community, UM Pres. Donna Shalala writes,

To the University Community:

On Tuesday someone drew a swastika on a wall in the men's restroom near the Miller Center for Contemporary Judaic Studies in the Merrick Building. This incident and a similar one that occurred last November in the same location have been reported to University Police and are under investigation. Defacement of University property is a crime—and to do so with this symbol of hatred, which is offensive to all of us, is a despicable and cowardly act. The University of Miami is a place where all are welcome in a spirit of learning and acceptance. There is no place in our community for bigotry and intolerance. I condemn these acts in the strongest of terms on behalf of the University.

Anyone with information concerning this crime should immediately contact the University of Miami Police Department at 284-6666.

I presume this was much more than the usual bathroom graffiti. Even so, if this is our worst problem, we're not doing too terribly.

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