Former Asst Police Chief Gives TSA a Failing Grade

Homeland Security Watch turns the mike over to the former Assistant Chief of the Montgomery County, Maryland, Department of Police in 'Do I have the right to refuse this search?' and she suggests that there are some pretty large gaps in TSA training and procedures at airports.

I look forward to Stewart Baker's reply.

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3 Responses to Former Asst Police Chief Gives TSA a Failing Grade

  1. disgruntledflier says:

    this reminds me of a video i saw in the spring of a ron paul staffer who recorded as he was pulled aside for having 5,000 in cash in his bag and simply asked if he was required by law to answer the question… like ron paul and his supporters or no, the harassment and tone by the screeners was incredible

  2. Just me says:

    for those interested in the recording mentioned by “disgruntledflier” you can find it here:

  3. Joe1 says:

    I have two artificial hips, so I always tell the screeners about the replacement devices as I step through the screener. Then, I get wanded. Sometimes, they can detect the plastic implanted in my abdomen to repair a hernia from a prior surgery, but other times the miss the plastic. Here in DC, more than half of the electromagnetic screening devices at federal buildings do not detect my artificial hips.

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