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A Very Rovian Commercial

This is a very Rovian commercial:

It's Rovain quality is to attack Obama for the very characteristic that is McCain's greatest weakness.

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The Long Tail (the Other One)

Now here's an interesting heresy: Scrivener's Error says,

In every declared symmetric conflict in the gunpowder era, the side with the higher tail-to-teeth ratio has won the conflict. Not every battle; not every asymmetric or undeclared conflict, although even there it's statistically significant in favor of the big-tail forces. But every “war” has been won by the tail, not the teeth.

The short version of this is “Brave soldiers win battles; brave REMFs win wars.”

It just has to be the right sort of tail.

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FL Candidate Unveils Powerful Ad

Alan Grayson, who is running for Congress in FL-8, has unveiled a powerful TV ad. I hope we see more like this.

Update: Democratic Congressional Candidate Alan Grayson on Iraq Reckoning: “We'll Put People in Prison”.

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Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch, the author of Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams is dead of pancreatic cancer.

It is an amazing lecture, from what must have been an amazing man.

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Friday McBush Bashing

McCain had a bad week.

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Taddeo Vows to Beat Ros-Lehtinen

This is the video I was talking about in my earlier post — the Taddeo campaign found a way to convert it. I think it shows that Taddeo is hitting her stride as a speaker.

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