FL Candidate Unveils Powerful Ad

Alan Grayson, who is running for Congress in FL-8, has unveiled a powerful TV ad. I hope we see more like this.

Update: Democratic Congressional Candidate Alan Grayson on Iraq Reckoning: “We'll Put People in Prison”.

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6 Responses to FL Candidate Unveils Powerful Ad

  1. brat says:

    Good ad, terrible tie. It makes him look like a doofus. He should dress the part of a g-man, since that’s the theme of his ad. Instead, he looks like he’s running for school board.

  2. NotSuckered says:

    Of course, the idea of having enough money to pay ANYONE’S healthcare is simply a bad premise. There isn’t enough money in the WORLD to give every Floridian “free” healthcare, because as soon as you tell everyone that they can go to the doctor whenever they “need” to, at no apparent cost to them, they of course will, at great cost to everyone actually paying for it. This just leads to the necessity to ration as demand exceeds supply. Rising costs are the rationing process, not greed. Look at how healthcare costs skyrocketed in the few years after Medicare went on-line.

    This simple fact of economics has been discovered by everyone who has tried it. Just look into the costs of Tenncare one day. Nobody has EVER been able to predict how much healthcare will cost. Anyone who claims that doing X will pay for it, knowing that since you agree with X and “free” helthcare you’ll vote for him, is either too stupid to be in office, or thinks you’re stupid enough to be hoodwinked by the idea.

    When will smart liberals get sick of being treated like idiots by their politicians?

  3. michael says:

    The idea isn’t “free healthcare” it’s national health insurance. If everyone is in the system, and we cut out some of the middlemen, premiums go down.

    That doesn’t mean you lose your copay either. Or your deductible. Just that everyone is covered, and that costs are to some extent related to income.

    See Obama’s plan. And recall that Hilary’s was even better, and John Edwards’s better yet. (Edwards made health insurance mandatory; Obama leaves it optional.)

  4. NotSuckered says:

    Obama’s plan is no plan. Here’s the heart of the plan, as discussed in vague detail on his website:

    “Obama will make available a new national health plan to all Americans, including the self-employed and small businesses, to buy affordable health coverage that is similar to the plan available to members of Congress. “

    Then he goes on to say what his ideal list of features would be. Is that a plan? How is that a plan at all? It’s not, it’s a statement of how he’d like the world to operate if he could ever figure out how. I shouldn’t have to explain this to a professor, but a “plan” would involve HOW to do it, not what features it would have once in place.

    Obama’s “plan” is one step away from a plan to predict how old you will be when you die: First you take the date of your death, then you subtract the date you were born. See, it’s easy!

    Seriously, you just prove my point. How long will it be before SMART LIBERALS (and I presume you to be one) come in out of the rain and realize that just because their politician’s tell them it’s not raining, it doesn’t mean they are not getting all wet. I’m not saying McCain is any better in this regard, but c’mon at least be honest enough to stop pretending that Obama actually has a plan (rather than just dreams). Politics will never improve and the level of discourse in our political process will never improve, until smart people STOP just accepting whatever tripe comes out of a candidite’s mouth as if nobody ever said it so elegantly before and the sun never shown so brightly. The country deserves far better than either of these candidates, but we’re stuck with them because smart people like you can’t tell a plan from an end goal.

  5. Mojo says:

    Obama’s health plan is outlined in a fifteen page PDF on his web site with scores of footnotes if you want to read more even more detail on selected aspects. It was pretty hard to find, I had to Google “Obama health plan”, so I can understand how someone could make a good faith effort to research the plan before claiming that Obama is lying.

  6. NotSuckered says:

    I’ve read it, it doesn’t SAY anything, but apparently it doesn’t do it so well, that everybody thinks it does. This is how one idiot after another gets elected with no end in sight. What I can’t understand is how anyone so VACANT as Obama seems to be getting the whole-hearted endorsement of people who obviously can read and have at least SOME knowledge of history before 8am this morning.

    Don’t you think that every candiddate who has ever run for any major office has put of a 50 page press release saying “I want to change this, and here’s what’s wrong!” Since when is that a plan? I’m willing to concede that the actual plan won’t surface until after the media elects him and the treasury gets drained of 80 billion dollars to study the matter, but let’s stop being dishonest and pretending that he’s not doing just what he needs to do, which is say whatever he can to get elected.

    I guess when you are willing to believe that the word “change” means anything at all, you can be made giddy by whomever pretends they thought the word up.

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