Kennedy Sets Out the Alito ‘Credibility’ Case

I mentioned before that the anti-Alito case would have three legs: Roe/women’s issues, “he’ll say anything to get a job,” and life-long spear-carrier for the imperial presidency.

Now Senator Kennedy sets out the case on the second issue: Alito’s Credibility Problem. And of course links it cleverly to the other two issues as well.

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4 Responses to Kennedy Sets Out the Alito ‘Credibility’ Case

  1. steve says:

    The strategy, if you want to call it that by those opposing Alito, is weak. It’s so weak I call it “The CAP Strategy Against Alito is a Byrd CAP Strategy”

    On the issue that they attack, Alito seems very progressive based on his stewardship of the “Boundaries of Privacy in American Society” task force. Things must be looking mighty bad in the anti-Alito camp for this to be their strategy. It looks for all I can tell to be an effort to Bork him from within the republican party like Meirs. That’s not going to happen, and it is telling of just how weak the argument against Alito is from those who oppose and are organized against his nomination…………………………

  2. Michael says:

    I know lots of people have tried to spin the “Boundaries” report that way, but three different people who were at Princeton have told me that the organizer wasn’t endorsing content, just organizing. I don’t think that it in fact tells us anything more than watching him follow binding precedent tells while a lower court judge; in fact I think it tells us less…

  3. MYOB says:

    “The strategy, if you want to call it that by those opposing Alito, is weak. It’s so weak…”

    Wait a minute.
    He admits he’ll say anything to get the job which means he’d lie.
    He permitted the strip search of a young girl which, regardless of your stand on law enforcement, is going to cause even some conservatives and religious persons to squirm with unease.
    He lied to the congress when he said he’d recuse himself on a case that affected his monetary investments and had to be forced off by another judge.

    And you think the case against him is weak? Not just weak but ‘so weak’ that you’ve got a name for it?
    Tell me, if Alito had a prior conviction for rape and pedophilia would you still call it weak that the democrats knew this fact and brought it up in the confirmation process?

    The only reason to call the democrats strategy weak is because republicans will continue to vote for him even if the man was an admitted satanic worshipper. As long as he gives republicans what they want they will vote for him. No questions asked.
    That is the only reason why the democrats strategy is weak. Even when they point out that Alito is a liar and scumbag it won’t matter to the republican party because such credentials are par for the course with these people who will sell out their own morals for the mighty greenback.


  4. jim says:

    Steve: I watched the Bork confirmation hearings on CSPAN this weekend, and “Borking” Judge Bork was a good thing. He would have made a very bad Supreme Court Justice. If CSPAN airs it again, try watching it and then explain why you think he should have been appointed.

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