Hamachi Sounds Great, I Think

Lifehacker points out Hamachi,

Free software Hamachi lets you create a quick, simple, and secure virtual network between any two or more computers with a connection to the Internet.

This sounds wonderful, even better than young Yellowtail tuna sushi, except for two little things:

  1. I’d have to trust they guys running it to do what they said, otherwise they’d have a huge tunnel right into all my files. And I have no idea who they are.
  2. Plus, if they messed up the coding, and there’s a side door somewhere, everyone has a huge tunnel right into my files.

Do I dare?

(answer below the fold)

I dared. It installed fine, the machines sort of saw each other…but it didn’t work for me, possibly because the remote machine is secured and doesn’t have any windows sharing enabled. I may give it another try next week, and if it works I’ll report back.

But even if it works, I’m nervous about having it on regularly.

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2 Responses to Hamachi Sounds Great, I Think

  1. anon says:

    You can try OpenVPN at openvpn.net works on windows or linux using SSL.

  2. Willie Buck Merle says:

    yeah and don’t forget vmware. you can run linux as a guest and then SSH whatever

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