Padilla’s Family, Visiting Rules & Photos

The Miami Herald has a writeup of yesterday’s Padilla hearing; the only part of it new to me was the information that Padilla has family in Broward County, which is the county just north of Miami-Dade, and only a short drive from here. In the ordinary case that would strengthen the argument for bail. But maybe not for someone who the government wants to portray as the most dangerous man in America?

The print edition, but not alas the online version, has a picture of Padilla’s mother, who attended the hearing but sensibly didn’t speak to reporters. Looking for an online version of the photo led me to an interesting MS-NBC article from 2002 that describes Padilla’s uber-dysfunctional family background, although it’s not exactly neutral in tone (it starts out trying to explain “Padilla’s malevolent streak”).

Meanwhile, if Padilla does not get bail, he’ll presumably be kept in Miami’s “special housing unit”. The visiting rules for this facility are, I think, here and here.

Wire service images included below (since I’m just including not copying these pictures, some may be only temporary).

Padilla’s mother, Estrela Ortega, outside the courthouse (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

Excellent likelness of Adrew Patel, Padilla’s lawyer (REUTERS/Carlos Barria)

A sketch of Jose Padilla (C) appearing at a courthouse in Miami, January 6, 2006. (Jeanne Boggs/Reuters)

Padilla yesterday, being escorted by federal marshalls. (AP Photo/J. Pat Carter) Contrast this picture to the standard mug shot used in all news stories for the past three years.

Security at the courthouse was off the scale. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky) Is someone really expecting al-Qaida to stage a prison break for a fellow traveller who didn’t achieve anything except get arrested?

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