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Readers Follow Dan to HuffPo

Huffington Post Passes In Unique Visitors In September: Nielsen. More data at Editor & Publisher

I had no idea Dan was that popular….

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Dan’s Back

Dan's first HuffPo column went online today, Our Fuzzy President Is About To Come Into Focus.

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Best. Headline. Evah?

And the Winner For Best Headline is: CJR, Froomkin Is The New Nipples?

(The idea being that Ariana H. is saying Dan will drive traffic there. Like their Page 3-style style blogging does.)

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NYT on Dan (and Clicks)

NYT does the Dan Froomkin story — although their focus is on the issue of when/whether newspapers and other media should let traffic/popularity determine what stays and what goes.

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It’s Official

Dan Froomkin to Huffington Post,

I’m delighted to announce that starting later this month, I’ll be taking on the duties of Washington Bureau Chief and Blogger for The Huffington Post.

This is a wonderful opportunity for me. It’s a marvelous platform — Arianna Huffington has built a large and thriving community of readers by adhering to the best principles of old and new media. And my new job gives me a chance to branch out a bit, while holding firm to my commitment to accountability journalism. Now I’ll have a chance to work as part of a great team, and do a bit more of my own reporting as well as commentary and media criticism..

I’ll still be writing frequently, but I’ll also be guiding the Huffington Post’s accomplished, enthusiastic and adventurous reporters; helping them continue covering Washington the way it should be covered. The extraordinary response to my departure from The Washington Post once again illustrated how much readers hunger for a new – or perhaps I should say old – method of political reporting: One that doesn’t rely on stenography or “splitting the difference,” but involves knowledgeable and trusted reporters calling things as they see them, speaking the truth — and letting the chips fall where they may. We’ll also be finding new and exciting ways to work with citizen journalists to access their wisdom and knowledge.

I look forward to working with all my new colleagues to hold the powerful accountable, expose corruption, explain how Washington really works — and write about politics and government not as if it were just a game, but recognizing that it matters profoundly to every one of us.

I’m eager to hear your reaction and advice, as always. E-mail me at

Salon blogger Glenn Greenwald has more about my move.

And one final note: I will continue serving in a part-time capacity as deputy editor of

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More Dan Links

Columbia Journalism Review (!), L'Affaire Froomkin, as Told by Froomkin

Marcy Wheeler's great liveblog of Jay Rosen interview wit Dan at the PDF meeting in New York (best quote, “Not offending people is not a business model.”)

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A Few More Dan Froomkin Links

dan.jpgWashington Post Ombudsman, part II: Froomkin Departs, Leaving Angry Loyalists And Questions (“Institutionally, The Post is now responding by circling the wagons … when I was able to start querying editors yesterday, a wall of silence was erected.”)

And don't miss the readers' comments….

Other voices:

But I'm not supposed to say anything.

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