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Must be Reform

A friend writes,

Gathered with some friends last night to read the Megillah. This year we replaced the name of the villain Haman with “Donald” as we spun our groggers. Most satisfying.

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Zero (0) South Florida Congresspersons are Having Town Halls This Week

That’s according to the Town Hall Project, which reports

There are no events within 75 miles of your zip, the closest one is 118 miles away.

That would be Brian Mast (Republican, FL-18). Good on him. Shame on the rest of them.

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Buzzword Alert (Belated Dept.)

I met someone last week who introduced herself as working in a “think-do tank” which was the first I’d heard of the term.  I bet it catches on.

Wait a minute: Google has 7,740,000 results for “think-do tank”.  Guess I’m behind the times again.

Never mind.

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Song du Jour

Alternative Facts

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Jobs for the Boys

Click for a bigger one; source: NYT

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9th Cir Declines to Strike Down EO TRO

A sensible, cautious, and careful opinion. It will probably drive Trump nuts.

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