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Obama Passes the ‘Sniff Test’

Not to be confused with Trump’s sniffing problem. The background to this video is that radio talk show host Alex Jones claimed on his show that President and Mrs. Obama are literally demons and smell of sulfur.

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A Plea from the UK


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Palate Cleanser

Amidst all the horror of this campaign, the joy of Lin-Manuel Miranda in his SNL performance is a joy.

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Carly Simon Lends a Voice

You’re So Vain

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Robert DeNiro Unloads on Trump

Epic stuff via Crooks & Liars

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Nothing Here

South Florida escaped Hurricane Matthew essentially unscathed when the storm zigged instead of zagging.  I read that 50,000 people, mostly in the county north of us, Broward, lost power.  Here the lights flickered a couple of times and surged once despite our house-sized surged protector.

Now to take the patio stuff back outside.  Meanwhile, the radio suggests that the northern part of the state is still at risk of landfall, and that a ten-foot (!) storm surge may hit some places.  Plus waves.

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The Morning After

Kaine won the morning.

Pence sure lied a lot.

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