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Best Line of the Day?

Brad DeLong channels Cosma Shalizi:

Haven’t you just constructed an enormous and pointless intellectual apparatus involving […], in increasing order of implausibility, speaking intelligent aquatic waterfowl, options pricing, Vulcans, teleportation, Bayesianism, and time-travel just in order to be able to say the obvious thing: “The probability of an HRC victory is uncertain: it might be as low as 0.45 or as high as 0.95, and we will be able to sharpen our estimate as election day comes closer”?

Well, I laughed. Maybe you just had to be there. Or read the whole thing. Note that the order of implausible events is nicely snarky.

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On Topical Currents Today

TC-Logo-smI’m going to be on WLRN’s “Topical Currents” call-in show today at 1pm, to discuss our book Robot Law, and the topic of robots more generally. I’ll post a link to the podcast version when I have it.

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Math Anxiety

It’s more dangerous than we suspected.

(“Ivy League economist ethnically profiled, interrogated for doing math on American Airlines flight” … although he’s actually … wait for it … Italian.)

Spotted via Kevin Drum, Heroic Passenger Recognizes Quantitative Economics as True Threat to America.

I am wondering if I need a new blog category for “paranoia”?

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The NYT’s Nick Corasaniti says this ad from the Arkansas Senate race “could well become a blueprint for how other Democrats — incumbents and challengers alike — attack their Republican opponents by linking them to Donald J. Trump.”

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Avira Does Not Play Nice With GCal Under IE11

avira-logoFor the record: under Win 7, IE 11, the Avira antivirus browser plugin causes Google’s calendar site, GCal, to freeze up and do other strange things. Using just Avira real-time protection, the main anti-virus program, does not cause the problem, just the browser add-on. The odd thing was that Gmail worked fine, but Gcal locked up, or got caught in a scripting error.

The fix is simple: disable the Avira add-on.

And, before you ask, no I don’t use IE much, but I do use it to access a 2nd gcal calendar that belongs to an organization without signing out of Google on my main browser or commingling the two identities in any way.

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Clinton Attack: Salvo 2

Another doozy.

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Clipper Chip on Ebay

clipper-s-l1600A guy is selling a T TSD 3600 Pair Clipper Chip Version New in Box Unused on E-Bay.

I have a birthday coming up, but the asking price is $250, which is just a bit too expensive. And I imagine the price will go up. Plus it sounds like they’d be hard to use, too.

Spotted via Scheier.

(Why do I care? The Metaphor is the Key: Cryptography, the Clipper Chip and the Constitution, 143 U. Penn. L. Rev. 709 (1995) and It Came From Planet Clipper, 1996 U. Chi. L. Forum 15.)

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